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An Introduction to “The Principles and Patterns of How to Build… Everything!

Dear Readers,

I can't believe it, in fact, I just noticed it, but today marks the one year anniversary of this BEAUTIFUL LIVING Blog! You are such an important part of this journey I have been on to find and gather together all the laws, principles, and patterns of designing a beautiful life. The site has grown beyond my expectations! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for finding this page, for reading with hope, and for staying connected to me.

Your journey matters to me. Thanks for sharing mine, too!

Just this past week, on Tuesday, January, 5th, 2021, I taught my first workshop as a newly formed company entitled: "The Principles and Patterns of How to Build... Everything!"  This is a bold statement, but it is also true.  I'll break it down into parts over the next few blogs so it doesn't feel overwhelming and so you can have time to process and apply any ideas that are new or that you would like to apply anew to the parts of your life that need it most.  This workshop comes from:

A BEAUTIFUL LIVING, LLC Masterclass Series 

I hope it helps you rethink the power you have to take better care of your own needs and the needs of those you love and have the power to influence in all the organizations and communities in which you participate.

As we begin exploring this topic, I want you to stop everything you are doing for just 5 seconds, and look around you carefully.  What do you see?  Every single thing you observe that was created in the physical world was first an idea, a thought, a possibility--including your own existence.  Everything.  The principles and patterns of all building and all creating begin in the mind and in the heart.  

The first principle of all building, of all creating, is simply this:

All things are created first spiritually

(with the heart and mind) 

before they are created physically

(with the body and mind)

The illustration above perfectly illustrates this first principle of all building endeavors through the process of building a brand new home.  

Picture #1: In the top picture, the end creation is only a desire, a hope, a seed of the imagination.  Before a home--or anything--can be built, it is first considered in the heart (our desires or hopes) and next in the mind (our imaginations).  The more believable our desires and hopes are, in our minds and imaginations, the more likely we are to act on them--and with greater speed and focus.  

When desires and hopes feel unrealistic, we call these daydreams.  We struggle to believe them.  We shoot them down easily.  When desires and hopes feel realistic, we call these goals.  We start mapping them.  We start thinking about processes to materialize them. This is the Law of Organization.

Picture #2: The middle picture illustrates the gathering of resources.  Some of our resources are perfectly equal: time.  Other resources are deeply personal and highly diverse: money, ability, energy, knowledge, influence.  This stage represents the marrying of our imaginations with our individual realities. In this phase of building, you collect and assess your resources.  You look for added solutions.  This is the Law of Preparation.

Picture #3: The last picture shows the evidence of all the spiritual and physical work: to physically create what you have both dreamed and planned with real intent and real resources. This is what we see all around us when we look up and observe: someone’s imagination, someone’s unique combination of resources, someone’s final product. Maybe, from where you are sitting right now, you can see something you have created.  If you happen to be glancing in a mirror this is also true. This is the Law of Establishment.

Here is a visual representation of the Pattern of all Building and Creating. It’s quite simple, actually:

Though the pattern is simple, the implications and applications are not only multifaceted and deeply personal, but they are also fully reliable and true.

Each element of this pattern is a law: The Law of Organization, The Law of Preparation, The Law of Establishment

In subsequent blog posts, I’ll teach each law as it relates to “The Principles and Pattern of How to Build...Everything!”  These laws will include The Law of Organization, The Law of Preparation, and The Law of Establishing.  

It’s so much better in person, though.  I have workshops that teach these principles and patterns in greater depth with printable, in-depth workbooks that invite greater personalization through participation.  It can be done in either a do-it-yourself formula or live through ZOOM, or at a conference or school gatherings.  Please email me for more information to suit your personal needs, the needs of your family, or your group or organization.  I’d love to help you, and those you influence, learn principles that help us all enjoy greater levels of fulfillment, connection, and productivity.  There is always a better way.

Until next time, I hope you are looking forward to this new year and are finding ways to…

...Live Beautifully!

Heather Roberts Butler



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