Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Beautiful Living is a System of Living Well

Having dreams, aspirations, and hopes are vital.  They keep us inspired during difficult seasons of life, they keep us moving ahead in mundane patches.  However, having a plan to work them into new habits, to breathe life into them and nurture them as they materialize, is something altogether different.  We need systems to show us where we are now, to evaluate where we have been, and to help us make plans that are measurable moving forward. 

My mission is to search for, understand, enjoy, and bring into my life, all things beautiful.  Subscribe to my blog.  Share it with a friend. Comment along the way.  Add your stories--your hopes, discoveries, learning curves, ambitions--with mine.  My purpose is to share what I've learned, teach the systems that I have discovered, find more beauty, and live a more prosperous, joyful, and meaningful life by intentionally choosing Beautiful Living.

Heather Butler 

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